Here's an update to those of you wondering.

I visited Dejarnette about a month ago. We parked at the nearby Lowe's store, and crossed the street to the grounds of Dejarnette. The grounds are NOT fenced in, and you can walk right up to certain parts of the building (The main entrance has a gate and fence).

As of a month ago, every single entry point that we could find, was boarded up. According to staff at the museum down the street, the building has asbestos.

They have not started to demolish it or anything yet.

We spent a good two hours trying to figure out a way in. No sign of police or anything, and s long as you're not wearing bright colors or flashing your flashlight everywhere, there is NO way anybody would see you out there.

But, like I said, everything is boarded up. We tried slamming concrete blocks against the wood to try and break in, but the wood is mounted very good and I think it is thick. We considered buying a crowbar, or bringing an axe to bust down some of the wood, but, we don't like the idea of having 1 entry/exit point, in case cops showed up.

We are going to try again in a month or so. The place looks really cool. It's very eerie, especially when considering what all has happened in there. The grounds are spooky.

To anybody who might want to visit: Park at Lowes. Walk across the street to the huge field, where the hospital sits. We all wore dark colors, and we amde sure we were invisible. I stayed behind at first to see if the others could be seen from the road or nearby gas station. No. You are invisible. So don't worry about that.

Your only worry is getting inside. Let me know if you find a good way to get in