I just developed my first pinhole print. Results were less than amazing It's waaaay underesposed. It's my first try, though, so I'm not too disapointed.

The picture was of a couch in the living room. I figured out the exposure for f/16 and then used a little math to figure out that my exposure time of about 70 minutes. There's a bit of an image, but not much.

I have the second one going now. I'm exposing my next sheet outside where it's a bit brighter. I determined that my exposure should be a little over 4 minutes, but I set my timer to 15 since my last sheet was so underexposed. Hopefully this one will turn out better

If anyone wants to know, I'm shooting HP5+ rated at EI 200. I'm developing it in Rodinal 1:50 at 20C. My aperture is 381, but I rounded up to the next fullest aperture. I dont have my notecard with me, so I dont know what that next full aperture is. (My notecard is taped to my camera).

I'll post scans when my film dries