Thanks for posting the article. I believe this is one of the Jobo's Quarterly articles. It does not say anything about Kodak C-41 developer capacity specific to rotary processing associated with Jobo processors. I once went through all those articles. I found that they never mentioned anything about C_41 developer capacity (Nor E-6) for rotary processing. The only capacity Jobo ever gave was numbers of film reels for every possible combination of Jobo tanks for every most format of films and the required volume of chemical for each reel/tank combination. The volume numbers gave by Jobo did not specify it they are for C-41, E-6 or B&W or whatever. I interpret those numbers as the minimum volume required but not necessarily the correct number for the amount of film contained in the Jobo tank. Kodak does give a capacity guide and it is the correct guide to follow even it says it is for batch processing.

This is such an old issue about C-41 developer capacity that seem never end.