I know there has to be a million threads on this but I can't find any so I am pre-apologizing for starting another one.

I am looking around for some sort of comparison chart of 220 negative film, both color and B&W. Some films are obviously slide or reversal/transparency types which I'm not particularly interested in. From what I can see, the main brands are Kodak, Ilford, Fuji and maybe Agfa.

Within the brands are various speeds, grain structures and other differences. It looks like there are three developing methods, C-41, E-6 and the B&W method I've used.

So, any links, comments or walls of text would be appreciated. I have been using Tri-X and Fuji Pro 160 so far with this RB67 but I know there are many more films out there that might be better suited for me, depending on what the subject is. I am not intending on doing my own developing right now but will in the future.