Darkroom Workshop
With Apug.org’s own
Les McLean

When: 27/28/29 of May 2005
Where: at my darkroom in Everman, Texas 76140
Everman is on the out-skirts of Fort Worth, Texas
On a good map this is just outside the Loop 820 on the
South side of town. When you sign up we will provide a detailed map of the area.
What will Les cover: This is a copy and paste from an email from Les where he says,

[COLOR=DarkOrange]I will cover:
Split grade printing and printing with graded papers.
f stop printing using RH Designs Stop Clock Pro which I will bring
Single, two bath and water bath development.
The benefits of using different developer dilutions and variations in time.
Pre and post flashing including burning in with white light using the RH Designs paper flasher.
Burning and dodging.
Toning using selenium and gold toners.
If time allows perhaps one evening we can do some lith printing, this will be a fun night.
Print Critique
I will also bring negatives and prints so that the people can see what I print from and the final prints I make.
I also enjoy using students negatives for my own demonstrations during the workshop for it is a better way for them to appreciate the methods that I'm teaching rather that me use a negative that I've print a thousand times. They can experience the thinking process that I apply to each image that I print for the first time and also the way that I apply the judgments that need to be made.
It would also be nice to get out and expose some film with them but we have a lot to fit in, however, I'm happy to work as many hours as it takes so we can print through the evening is that is possible. A workshop is not a 9 to 5 experience in my book.[/COLOR]

Cost: $350 for the 3 days

For those coming in from out of town there is a Quality Inn about one mile from the workshop and I am trying to get a group discount for workshop attendees.

So, here is a great opportunity to hone your darkroom skills with other like-minded people. Please make your plans now first come first served.

you may email me at click76112@charter.net or Pm me here at APUG.ORG lee is the user name