I have both the F3HP (two bodies) and an FE2, all bought new and all worked quite hard.

In a nutshell, the F3 is so smooth to use that when I do use the FE2, it's like driving a very old car.

That said, the match needle metering for very quick over and under exposing, is brilliant on the FE2.

But the winder on the F3 is so silky smooth by comparison.

If size is an issue the FE2 certainly is smaller and lighter, however I also like to see 100% of the viewfinder, it loses on this point.

With the price of the F3 bodies so low, I would go for one of them. Plus the accessories if you need some, are limitless, and accessories for the F3 are around in greater numbers compared to any other Nikon body.

Shed loads of waist level finders, sports/action finders, 6x magnifying finders and the biggest array of viewfinder screens available.

Either will work well, it's mainly a personal choice.