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I don't worry about the G-bar, I just figure dev. by using the SBR and recommendations from others that have done the testing. Such as Sandy Kings testing of pyrocat-hd for films I use or the dev. times for using D-76 from the Dick Arentz book. They may not be exact but they are very close. Both give recommended times for different SBR's to obtain a neg. for printing with palladium which is all I use. Hope this helps.
Thanks for the quick response.

I finally found my "PowerDial" for "BTZS Lite". It doesn't seem that the PowerDial can be used without the ExpoDev software. The PowerDial will give you the "G-bar" (average gradiant) which you use to determine the development time for the film. But this critical piece of information is missing: the PowerDial doesn't provide a mapping table for G-bar to developing time. In other words, you have no idea what time to use to develop the film.

I am planning to purchase the ExpoDev software once it is available on PocketPC (I've been waiting for months now -- not sure when the software will be available). In the mean time, would it be improper to ask for the "G-bar to developing times" for the following combinations (all 4x5 sheet film), assuming someone has this info:
  • XTOL (full-strength) & TMAX-100
  • XTOL 1:1 & TMAX-100
  • XTOL (full-strength) & TXP-320
  • XTOL 1:1 & TXP-320
  • HC110 Dil H & TXP-320