Hello All,

I've been lurking on APUG for a few months and I finally pulled the trigger and bought my first film camera. I have a fairly successful full-time wedding business but there is a part of me that has always wanted to try the workflow and process of film in the heat of the wedding moment. So I'm hoping to throw the film camera over my shoulder and start trying some things out while I still shoot digital as always.

So my question to you guys would be for any advice you can give about work flow on the day (when to swap rolls, how to ration or plan shots) and film types that work well for weddings. I bought a 35mm Nikon to go with my d3s but I''m also thinking about finding a medium format film camera so if you've got any advice/encouragement/abuse/or anything else you'd like to send my way I'd greatly appreciate it.

many thanks

- trr