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I was browsing this section and couldn't find anything labeled as Pat Gainer's PC TEA. Which one is it?

The following is a quote from Pat Gainer's post:

"TEA is short for triethanolamine, an organic liquid solvent and base. It will dissolve most of our developing agents to an extent useful in making concentrated stock solutions. It does not become basic until water is added.

PC-TEA as used here is:

100 ml TEA
9 g ascorbic acid (erytorbic acid, AKA isoascorbic acid works as well)
2.25 g phenidone

Heat this mixture to about 160 F and stir till it dissolves. It will stay dissolved after it cools. If it gets a brown color, don't be worried. TEA by itself turns brown upon sufficient heating. At 160, it shouldn't be any darker than HC110 concentrate.

This concentrate is diluted 1+25 or 1+50 for use on film. I don't want to brag too much, but it's pretty good stuff. Note that there is no sulfite. If you think there should be, add it to the working solution, but try it without sulfite first."