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Over the last couple of decades, I've inadvertently become somewhat of an authority on Vivitar & Kiron glass. Please feel free to contact me about any Viv or Kiron lenses, and I'll give you the scoop on any of them. The Viv S-1, 135mm f/2.3 that you are asking about, is a very good one. Not great, but very good. And Komine produced some of the best Viv S-1 lenses ever made. I think that you'll be quite satisfied with it's results.

Kiron Kidn ( MrVivSeries1)

Dear Kiron:

I was told that 450mm f/4.5 solid cat is one of the best mirror lens.

But How's the 600mm f/8 solid cat compare with, for example, 500mm f/8 from Nikon and/or Tamron 500mm f/8 55bb ? do you have a such experience?

The reason why I am looking at 600mm f/8 instead of 450mm f/4.5 is because 450mm f/4.5 is very rare and it commands a huge premium. 600mm f/8 is much more reaonsably priced and it does show up once a while in the used market. I would like to know how it fairs