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Larry, how is making a stock solution in glycol easier than making one in TEA? It takes exactly the same amount of time and trouble to make up a TEA solution as it does a glycol solution, unles I'm missing something, but the TEA solution is complete, needing only water to make a working solution. I don't understand the convenience that you claim for a glycol solution, to which the alkali is added separately.

You're right, of course. You have to heat the glycol as you do the TEA, thus making the stock just as time-consuming to mix, and that's the reason I only have used the glycol to experiment with single solution developers that contain all ingredients--developing agents and activators.

This is also why I most frequently and normally simply use 90% alcohol, mixed in 100 ml batches with a gram of Phenidone. This doesn't have to be heated, is enough for 25 rolls of 120 film (more actually, but I use it as a one-shot in a two-roll tank), and lasts with no decrease in potency for at least as long as I need it to to use it up.

When I'm developing, it's a liter of water, a half tsp. Vitamin C, a whole tsp of metaborate or carbonate, and 4 ml Phenidone stock. Takes 2-3 minutes, doesn't demand heating ingredients, measuring dilutions, etc. I'm naturally lazy, and since I get great printable negs with long scale and fine grain, why bother with something more, well, bothersome? I can mix AND develop in the same amount of time I would have just to develop using TEA (unless I use a 1:25 or 1:30 dilution instead of the recommended 1:50, which shortens the time from 9-10 minutes to my preferred 7 or so). Believe me, I have nothing against TEA. It's a fine developing activator. And I've got nearly a full quart that's sitting on my shelf unused after my experiments with it. Since my first attempts produced an oderiferous result, and others report no such effect, I conclude that I overheated it (though it worked well), and may try it again sometime while monitoring the temperature more closely. Or maybe not. I really couldn't see any real gain in the negs I got from it over what I've been using for several years now.