Hi All,

I hope everyone is settling comfortably into the new year, and finding time for emulsion making (I assume if you're reading this, you are at least a wannabe emulsion maker ) It can be hard to start a brand new thread about your own work, so I hope this one can be an icebreaker for all the people I know who have started dabbling in emulsion making.

So, what's everybody up to? Recipes cooked (whether successful or total fail), new ideas for products and/or equipment, equipment bought, books read, first steps getting started, plans/hopes for the future, anything else emulsiony?

I'll start off. I've been mostly doing gum over handcrafted paper. The work involves digital color separation negatives, so I'll leave the description at that. I have noticed that the stricture on the word-that-must-not-be-spoken has loosened a bit. That's a healthy development for this forum. Using enlarged negatives makes handmade silver gelatin contact printing paper a much more attractive photographic medium.

Anyway, speak up. If ever a forum were open to complete newbies, this is the one. I'd like to suggest this particular thread stay a general conversation. If a really techy chemistry or engineering topic comes up, perhaps we can move it to its own dedicated thread. Just a thought.