I have been playing around with electronics for a while as our electronic club got a bunch of old CRT video projectors. But hey, they have 31 kV HV so they are quite close to PET subbing .

Well, I've been thinking about emulsion making a little, too. I think I can make quite a simple and cheap "pump" system for controlled silver/salt runs in the future. I bought 50 ml syringes at about 1 USD per syringe and I think I could use linear stepper motors to drive the syringes easily: http://www.motioncontrolproducts.co....products_id=49 . Then add a simple and cheap micro controller, write some code and that's it. It should be possible to drive very small volumes efficiently without losing expensive solutions, and this approach might be a bit easier, cheaper and more reliable than peristaltic pumps, at least with low emulsion volumes - I hope.