Hi all! This is something really worthwhile. Bob Carne and Gallery 44 are offering a worthwhile workshop. See below for description and link.

I know we are an analog group but this helps in going from digital to analog, which is in itself an interesting process. I have images which are caught on a digital camera but I want to reproduce them in an analog format. This workshop with one of the great analog printers, Bob, will show you how.

Digital Printing
Instructor: Bob Carnie
Sat. January 30 & Sun. January 31
10am to 5pm
Cost: $280/ $260 (members)

In this two-day workshop, Bob Carnie from Elevator Lab covers the essential steps to produce quality digital photographs. This workshop is geared towards photographers at beginner to intermediate Photoshop level. Participants will work on laptops (set up to external monitors) to achieve a photographic image with the best possible quality. During the course of the workshop, the instructor will cover calibration and paper profiles; how to set up a workstation to maximize workflow; colour neutralization, and colour theory; contrast and density; effective sharpening tools; dodging and burning; as well as adjusting final colour and contrast. After the first session, participants will send their files to be printed at Elevator Lab. The second session will be focused on evaluating the prints retouching them to make further improvements. Participants might also work on a new image on the second day. Students will leave with TWO 20x30 Lambda Fuji Crystal Archival print courtesy of Fuji and Elevator Lab.


Here's the link.


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