Well, I shot a roll of Pan-F in the Bronica last Thursday, down in Chestnut Hill. I was trying to recover from a "I wish I had my camera" moment the previous weekend. Being lately preoccupied with folders, I hadn't shot the Bronica for a while and the project turned into quite a comedy of errors. Of course, it's said we learn from our mistakes, so I guess I learned a lot .... Things got off on the wrong foot when I loaded the film at home and then managed to trip the shutter for the first shot as I was stuffing the camera into the bag of the moment, then things went downhill from there. But I did get a few interesting shots in spite of it all. I also learned a 77 mm rubber lens hood uncollapsed on a Zenzanon 50 mm will vignette, especially with a filter under it. Not sure why I didn't notice it in the reflex finder -- less than 100% view and concentrating on the split image center spot I guess. A hopefully better hood is wending it's way from an ePrey seller as I e-speak.

And hey, I'm on the green side of dirt -- life is good!