This is the reason I was reluctant to join this forum. I meant no harm, as I stated, though my way of expressing my sentiment could, on reflection, have been tempered and Id be grateful to you, Mr Johnny Walker, to not tell me what I meant or didnt mean to do. My comments were meant as constructive critisism, your comment, Mr Johnny Walker, was pointless. Since making my comment I was thinking of deleting it, but as a new member I dont know how to...!? And within the few hours that I wrote it I have been contacted privately by Mr Leake in a polite gracious manner asking me to elaborate on , not delete, my opinion....and only he, and perhaps the moderator, are the people whom I believe should be involved in my comments...unless of course instead of writing your pointless comment, you actually defend Mr Leake's images in a serious fashion, as I have critisised them privately to Mr Leake. Though Im guessing you will just tell me what Im thinking again...Look at the work, and defend it, praise it, or critisize it, but dont judge me for daring to do so...! If Suzanne (the moderator), or Mr Leake (whom Ive asked already but havent heard back from yet) wish to delete my comments then thats fine. If Mr Johnny Walker wishes to use his time to post again I truly hope he will use it to express an opinion on the work, as I did, instead of just trying, and failing, to read my mind. I stand by my comments and am happy to use my full name on my posts, are you Mr Walker...?Best wishes to all (or do I mean something else by that Mr Walker...!?)