Im 42 years old, Ive been involved in photography since I was 13....Ive worked in the fields of advertising, fashion,beauty, and portraiture, using 35mm up to and including 10x8. Im now concentrating on my own private work. I dont profess to know everything about photography as its an infinite curve on which I continue to climb, which is one of its many attractions, and frustrations!? Im not really interested in posting any of my images here, and to be honest showing my work would have no relevance whatsoever in relation to Mr Leake's images. I know the strengths and weaknesses of all of my images, both the many failures, and the few successes, and so I dont need the comments of others here, which may in reality be influenced by my comments about Mr Leakes work. I am my own harshest critic, and my own best teacher...However since Mr Leake has chosen to post his images, and his thoughts on art, here, he is clearly open to comments about his work, which he has confirmed with a private message to me. I made my comments, which I stand by, in a rather coarse manner, which I regret and here apologise far I havent heard anyone defend Mr Leake's images as 'art' or great photography...My eyes and ears are open and ready to be engaged in that topic...Best wishes.