Let's start fresh, then.

Mr. Wright has apologized for the rather course manner in which he offered his critique. FWIW, he made some valid points about Ian's work, which I may not agree with, but I felt deleting the post was not necessary. We are, I think, interested in dialog that is constructive. I don't have to agree with all comments here, whether they are critical or not, and I think APUG would be boring if all that was offered in the form of critique was praise.

Ian's nudes are most interesting to me, when he uses the negative space around the figure well. Not all of them work for me, but some are really quite beautiful to my eye. I have one of Ian's platinum prints, and it's gorgeous... I imagine the prints of his nudes are rather more impressive in person than they are on the screen, so I'm reluctant to comment on his print quality here. That said, I don't find figure work as interesting as other forms of photography... I have a personal preference for more documentary work, but studying those who work in the studio in still life or with the figure can lead one to a greater understanding for organizing space within the framework of the camera.