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Dear Mr Rainphot, as a further reply to your comment, I dont see any 'vitriol' in my initial comments. They were perhaps alittle coarse, as Ive admitted,and apologised for, but vitriolic...no. As an admirer, and occasional user of large format equipment, mainly 5x4 (or 4x5 if you are an American...) I know the potential difficulties, and great rewards, involved in using that process, and I have great respect for the people who use that cumbersome, slow choice of equipment in the manner in which it CAN be used to sublime effect. I also have great respect for the tonal qualities available from platinum prints, and I admire the determination and will power of those who have taken the time to study, learn, master and print using that medium.
My initial comments about Mr Leake's work were based on my thoughts that the images he has created do neither justice to the format used nor the medium he is printing on. Sadly there are many who forget that technique and process are solely a means to an end, and not an end in themselves. I realise that if you wish to do platinum prints then you were obliged, in the past at least, to use a large format camera to gain the correct sized negative for your image. All of this technique, equipment, labour and effort I admire, if the images live up to that effort. Personally I dont think Mr Leake's images do justice to that effort, and perhaps looking beyond technique and equipment to composition, skilled use of light and shadow, perpective, pose etc etc would, in my personal opinion, make his images worthy of the equipment, effort and printing method used. My use of the words 'arrogant' and 'laughable' were, in hindsight inappropriate, and again (and for the last time) I apologise for their use. However, having read Mr Leake's lengthy and authoritative dissertation on the history of the nude in art I was hoping for, and expecting, some amazing, eye-opening images by him...I was sadly disappointed, hence my regrettable post. I am still eager to hear from those of you who wish to defend his work....though I mean no harm in this apparent attack on Mr Leake and his work. I have been honest and open with my thoughts, maybe too honest. Finally,Mr Rainphot, why would I consider posting you any of my nudes when you yourself state that you have no interest in that genre...!? I truly wonder if you have more interest in antagonism than photography as I see no other reason for you joining in on this topic...? I shall leave it there, and will not be playing this game any longer, Ive got stuff to do. Best wishes to all, and especially to Mr Leake who graciously asked for me to elaborate on my initial comments to him in private, a firm indication of his humility and a firm lesson for me in mistakingly calling him arrogant...
Thank you for the personal response. As for my "not careing" to view nudes stems from my belief that there are no more new ways to pose a body that is "artful". Nearly every pose that I have viewed recently looks painful and awkward, for both the model and viewer. Years ago, I spent many hours shooting "the genre", and feel, for me, its become hackneyed. There are many of you out there that feel otherwise, and that is fine for you.

My statement about your apparent vitriol is just an observation brought on by your dialog. I am, by nature, not an antagonistic person. However after reading your rant, I felt it necesary to question your motives. I do believe that when we view anothers work, find positive ways of responding, or be polite and just say it doesn't work for you. Is there any real need to disparage another?

Once again, I thank you for believing me worthy of a personal response.