Richard. As you have asked me to comment publicly I will.

1) My Prints. I know that what I do isn't to everyone's taste. That's fine. I also recognise that by choosing to post them here I am inviting other people to comment on them. That's fine too. And the same goes for my writing. Having said that, I would prefer people to be polite even if they do not like what I do. I accept your apology.

2) Your Credentials. In my experience, the value of someone's feedback is often (albeit not always) closely related to their experience of the subject being discussed. For example, Kim Weston's opinions and experience of photography, nudes and printing are on balance more likely to be valuable than those of Joe Schmo the wedding photographer. As you refuse to credentialise yourself people are entitled to assume that you are closer to Joe Schmo than to Kim Weston - and they're entitled to value your opinions accordingly.

3) Critique. I have managed, trained and coached people for many years in my corporate career. Believe me when I say that it is possible to be very tough and challenging to people while remaining polite, supportive and constructive. I suggest that you read Cheryl's article on critique ( and start again.

I don't particularly want to get drawn into a public shouting match because these are generally pointless and demeaning to all involved. So if it's OK with you I shall return to doing the more valuable things in my life.


P.S. "Mr Leake" was my father. My name is Ian.