Dear Rainphot, since Im still here Ill quickly reply to your most recent comment: "I do believe that when we view anothers work, find positive ways of responding, or be polite and just say it doesn't work for you. Is there any real need to disparage another?" I have already discussed the incorrect manner in which I initially wrote about Mr Leake's work, I have also discussed that the manner may have been alittle agressive, but the sentiment remains. If I were to ask someones opinion of one of my images, after countless hours of my deciding whether to rip it up or tone and frame it, I would be more insulted by a coy "it doesnt work for me..." none-answer than an honest open critique/attack of the work in question. Having studied the work myself before anyone else I would be able to defend its merits, and open to admit its faults, objectively. Despite the stiff upper lipped caracature that the British may have invited upon themselves, my friends and I realise, understand, and are very grateful for our openness with each other with respect to our creative work. We appreciate these discussions, learning and growing from them, something impossible to do with a nonchalant "it doesnt work for me..." aside. How doesnt it work for you? Why? Questions, answers, opinions, will never grow without teachers, be they an open young child unafraid to say what he thinks, or a wise old master, whose valid comments, though harsh, may be just what the student needs to develop and grow...and yes, we are all eternal students. Bye for now! R.