My last batch of emulsion is sitting in the fridge waiting to be coated. I think it will likely go down the drain in the end due to age and fog.

I recently decided to learn a bit more about "purchased" products, rather than make my own to get a feel of how the "real" emulsions and papers work, so rather than shooting/printing my own stuff lately I've been trying out different films and papers on my shiny new(to me) 4x5. I think once i've gotten a little better at understanding how the professionally made stuff works, I'll go back to my home brew recipes. With so many variables in the homebrew process it was really difficult to figure out what went wrong for me, seeing as how the first negatives I ever developed were on my own emulsion, and printed (badly) on my own salt paper. After just one darkroom session with Tri-X and a box on VC paper - I see that a lot of the problems I was having had to do with my development and printing procedures, rather than my emulsions themselves.

So for now, I'm cooling it on the dry plate and home brew paper.