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I thought it a bit cheeky to try the salesman act, but Ed, there's a ZoneMaster here with "reserved" on it

Ken, I guess it's possible that the water may have an effect. There are so many variables in photography that sometimes it's hard to keep them all under control. I hope you get it nailed down soon.
Richard, as a 100% satisfied customer I'm going to suggest that "cheeky is in". Nicolas can pipe in here with his wares too, but just as I've done for the several years, I'll continue to sing your praises.

My calibrated configuration has me a little confounded. I've got notes on what my settings are for making proof sheets on MGIV glossy with MG developer. Everything is absolutely identical and my print ends up being 2X overexposed. Go figure. Even the ZXii settings are way off with my offset being around -9.