OK, here I go working against myself again, but I have to get the word out about the annual PHSNE auction on February 6, at the Americal Center in Wakefield, MA, just a small way off Rt 95 (128, for those of us who go back a bit.) It's a pretty casual affair, with the goods on display starting at noon and the actual auction commencing at 1. The dollar table, source of some of the best buys I've found in years, begins at 11. No membership needed to come by, bid and make a killing.

PHSNE is a great organization, keeping the flame alive in traditional photography and photo history for lots of us, but the real reason to come to this thing is the bargains! Whatever your passion, there is a good chance you'll find something, and somebody, that will stoke it at the auction.

There. Now that I've been a good boy and invited everybody to share, I want to ask you all to stay away... more good stuff for me!