Greetings Everyone,

The Large Format Exhibition to benefit Cancer Research is scheduled for April 8, 2010. The Middlesex Cancer Center has realized tens of thousands of dollars because of past generosity by the Large Format community. This year the Cancer Center has an advertising budget to go along with what has always been a lavish display of food and spirits for the viewing and exhibition of LF photographic art.

The formula remains unchanged, 50 LF photographers donate 3 different images of appropriate size and in return receive one free numbered ticket. An additional 100 tickets are sold to art patrons and discerning art buyers @ $175.00 per ticket. Each ticket is randomly drawn with corresponding ticket holder choosing any LF photograph which still remains. The evening is fast paced and quite rewarding even if you are unable to attend in person.

Guidelines for Submissions to "Raid our Gallery 2010"

Our guidelines are quite simple - we appreciate your cooperation. We have pre purchased clear archival bags only in the sizes listed below and the hospital has given us guidelines regarding subject content.

Format - we are promoting this as a "Large Format" show. All images need to have been captured with 4x5 or larger format. Output can be either traditional wet process (black and white or color prints), Alternative process (platinum, palladium, albumen, carbon, etc..) or digital prints.

Size - outer dimension of mount and mat should be 14x18, 16x20 or 15x25 (for those who shoot in panoramic format). Total thickness of mount and mat should not exceed 8 ply - i.e. a 4 ply mount and a 4 ply mat. Anything thicker will not fit into the bags.

Content The Hospital has politely made reference to what this benefit is about-- the celebration of life and those that dedicate themselves to preserving it--as such they have referenced their joy in receiving all of the work but in particular those that exhibit the 'life giving' qualities that represent what their work strives for. Images that are of an "uplifting" nature would be most appropriate. For example, scenics, still lifes, etc... will be more inspirational to their audience than images depicting urban decay. You need not limit your entry to the 2 genres mentioned above, but keep in mind the Hospital's need to present tasteful images that also have broad appeal.

Entry Deadline: For Jpegs of each submission February 15th

300 DPI & 2700 pixels on the longest dimension of the file
Cancer Center is printing a complete program listing of all images and contributing artists.

Original LF Works: shipped to us by March 15th

Ship Entries to: NELFPC C/O Steve Sherman 2 Brandee Lane, Rocky Hill, CT. 06067


NELFPC C/O Curtis Studio 216 Main St. Durham, CT 06422

Lastly, NELFPC is committed to growing this project to larger more metropolitan venues and believe the project can be moved around the country and beyond our borders going forward. This year we are fortunate to accept LF donations from Japan and do believe one day soon this will be an international exhibition on the grandest of scales.