Richard: Evidently my original response was lost.

Well before this thread began, I had already done some studies with the new ADOX paper using a 21 step wedge, primarily in a contact printing mode ( that is what I am currently pursuing ). I found as you had, i.e., the response of the new Adox was very close to that of the Ilford Multigrade....using Zone vi and Ilford Multigrade developers. The Adox was indeed about a stop faster, and had a slightly greater 90% DMax on the paper curve. I am unable to see why a contact print using a correctly exposed 8x10 negative made with the new paper vs. Ilford Multigrade will be very much different. Of course, others might be using a different developer, and projection printing. I am NOT denigrating any of the previous positive comments concerning the new ADOX which I am very happy to have on the market and available for wide spread use. I hope ADOX continues to bring more products for analog photographers to try and use.