Kodak C41 works well. The product names can be confusing. They change the packaging from time to time, which changes the part numbers. Here is what I use:

Developer: Flexicolor developer replenisher, catalog #191 9042. Mix everything together in the kit to make 19 liters of developer replenisher. Comes in three parts. Mix in the order specified.

Bleach: Flexicolor SM tank bleach, catalog #882 4690. (2) bottles at 2.7 liters each. Total of 5.4 liters of bleach, ready to use with no dilution. (Any time you see "SM", that means the stuff is pour-and-use. No mixing.)

Fix: Flexicolor fixer and replenisher, catalog #198 3550. One bottle mixes with water to make 5 liters.

Rinse: Flexicolor final rinse and replenisher, catalog #854 8067. One bottle mixed with water makes 47.3 liters of final rinse. This final rinse does not contain formalin or formaldehyde. Other Kodak products are called "final rinse and stabilizer", and do contain these ingredients. They are more toxic, but do protect the color negatives from bacterial and fungus damage.

There are similar products with a LORR designation. I do not have any of this chemistry yet. This is low replenishment rate chemistry, and is supposed to need no washing.