There's a C41 "theory" that after the chemistry has reached its "capacity" you can merely extend the development time by 15 seconds and then another 15 seconds and use it twice more through capacity. 4 rolls of film becomes 12 and so on. When I first began processing that was my goal too. I wanted to squeeze every ounce of life out of my chemistry because the extra was wasted. That works just fine, but you're not guaranteed good results. After a while I decided that the chemistry was very cheap (when you buy from kodak) and I'd be willing to pay $2 to use one shot developer and fix for a roll which had 6 pictures I wanted to print. Just my opinion. I also have about 5 years worth of chemistry downstairs (including about 6 gallons of Bleach III and a gallon of Bleach SM)

RA4 printing is far far cheaper than inkjet. I can run 16 to 40 16x20 prints at $1.75 a sheet through $20 of chemistry leaving the final costs (at worst) at something like $3 a sheet. Inkjet paper starts at $2.30 a sheet. Have you ever bought inkjet ink? I haven't, but a few milliliters costs $15 and you need 9 of those to run inkjet printers..

Analog printing also has a true glossy finish. Glossy inkjet paper varies with the amount of ink piled up on it, whereas chromogenic paper has the dyes inside of it. I use all glossy paper and when I need matte I can spray a finish onto it.

BTW bleach sm requires only 60 seconds to bleach the film instead of the 6:30 required by bleach III