I'm way at the beginning again and have gotten emulsion to stick very well, thanks to the Winkler article on The Light Farm; it really works! Two 4x5s were done; one got a image on it. Now I'm trying to figure out why. Several pages of notes were compiled onto one sheet and wait for a report to be written. One thing I learned is my Sekonic Studio Delux II set at ASA 6 matches two old Westons set at ASA 1. And fresh emulsion is more sensitive than 8 day old stuff on the glass, right? I got a picture, using the Sekonic, at asa/iso 6 minus two stops or F8 at 4 seconds overcast which on the Weston is .25. I had to mark the Weston dial as .25 is one block below the lowest number, .3 . However, when a Weston is set there, all the exposures on the dial line up correctly. A Sekonic must be read minus two stops to work.
Michael Carter