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Thanks for the insights, guys. Msage, I have no plans to sell my F2

Sorry, no FM3a in my immediate future -- not when I can buy a clean F3 AND FE2 for the price of one of those puppies.

I too agree that a couple of the attractive things about the F3 are more sensory in nature -- the silky-smooth film wind, the way it rests in ones hand. And yeah, the MD4 has the MD12 beat hands down. Not that much heavier, but almost twice as fast -- although I seldom ever use a motor for rapid shot sequences.

I'm also not bothered by bulk. For years, I toted around two Canon F-1s with Motor Drive MFs attached, plus a bag full of FD glass. My F2's MD-2/MB2 is actually smaller and a bit lighter than those old monsters were. I actually prefer the added mass because I've found that my exposures are less susceptible to jitter-induced shake. But an FE2 with MD12 has a bit of heft to it, probably enough.

Good points about the F3's wide array of accessories and MLU. I have MLU with my F2 though, plus I own three different finders and a selection of focusing screens for that camera. But I really like the FE2's match-needle metering. And yes, I find I actually do a fair amount of fill flash, so it would be nice to be able to use the 1/250 flash sync.

Grrr . . .

I think the eventual solution is that I will wind up getting both. Best of both worlds and all. I'm still tempted to get the F3 first, though.
BOTH! Now you're talking!