a local guy around here ended up selling me a bunch of darkroom equipment for about $50 and I have no idea on how much they are worth or which has what advantages or anything like that with them. my wife wants me to start thinning the crowd here and so I was hoping you all might be able to help me out.

so far my main needs are B&W 35mm though I'm wanting to keep my options open with moving to color and also being able to do medium format as well.

have a bessler 45MCRX that has a standard condenser as well as a cold light head.

besler 67CP

Durst m 370 color

and an omega b600 which is what I have been using so far as it was already setup with the lens and I was lazy to find the lens and lensboard for the others.

is there really much of a difference between these other then the durst is obviously able to be used for color?

as far as lenses that I have there is a el-omegar 50 3.5 currently the lens I've been using as it was hooked up to the omega b600

a schneider-kreuzauch componon 135/5.6. this does not seem to be one of the componon-s lens though it does have a 16 blade iris and all black.

also a rodenstock omegaron 90 4.5

and a schneider kreuznach componar-c 50 2.8

so any idea on which of this equipment is worthwhile to keep and what the rough value of the items are? planning on moving here soon as we live in a hole and with a little munchkin would rather get out of here so hopefully will be using some of this money to help us out with that part.

also just made a quick run through and found a Durst TRA 305N which I have no idea what it is for. any clue there?

thank you all for the help here