Many of the non-Series 1 Vivitar lenses are also very good. My first 135 was a Vivitar f/2.8 model in Konica mount (28XXX...). The 90/2.8 Vivitar macro goes to 1:1 without any attachments and is very sharp. The Vivitar 135/2.8 Close Focusing goes to 1:2 and is also very sharp. The 135/2.3 is a nice lens but it focuses only to 3 feet. The 28/2.5 Fixed Mount is one of my favorites. If the 28/1.9 Series 1 is sharper, it's not much sharper. There was no 35mm Series 1 lens but there was the 35/1.9 Fixed Mount. The 55/2.8 Fixed Mount Vivitar also goes to 1:1 without attachments. The later Kino-made 100/2.8 Vivitar was also sold under the Kiron and Series 1 names. It also goes to 1:1 without attachments and is considered an excellent macro lens. I have quite a few Vivitar lenses in my collection and I enjoy using both the Series 1 and the regular ones.