Well Im not in America but The Lighthouse Lab and Sandy Prints commercially print Ilfochromes up to 50inch x 4meters using traditional techniques.
We will also in coming months offer it as both an analog and digital output service. Our details are

The Lighthouse Lab & Sandy Prints
2-21 Mars Road
Lane Cove West
N.S.W Australia 2066

Our websites are www.sandyprints.com.au and www.thelighthouselab.com

we can be contacted on (+61) 415 677 522 or (+61) 02 9420 8883

Email Steve@thelighthouselab.com or Sandyprints@ozemail.com.au

There are now only 6 labs in the world offering ilfochrome printing up to 50inches using traditional printing techniques of which we are proudly one.