Hi my Brother asked me to be the photographer at there wedding, I declined as Its far to important for someone who has never done a wedding before, plus I want to be there with my family not as the official photographer... saying that I'v always wanted to give it a go, and I'm sure the official photographer won't be shooting film or printing in a home black and white darkroom.
Therefore I am going to try and take some informal "real" pictures plus one or two formal medium formats... would love to show up the pros work!

My normal shooting is strictly as a serious amateur, normally Street and Landscape. I use a dslr for cataloging trials and some landscapes at work only.

I am tossing up which camera/s to take. My main choices are:

Zorki 4K - my favorite street shooter, but can have issues if not loaded carefully
Canonet QL17- sturdy and reliable, not quite as wide a lens as i normally work with but will fit in my pocket, i generally don't trust its meter but it does work, frame counter is missing.
Praktica BC1 - reliable has apeture priority mode and multiple lens' to pick from , though that means carrying a bag with me ... so i could also bring the spare body, but then i might as well have taken on the full job.
Mamiya Super23 - sort of a given this is coming with tripod, will take a couple of formal shots with it, then it will go back to the car.
Roliflex-T - name may say is all, but i do find the pictures from this a little soft... perhaps it needs a CLA.

Film i'm intending to use is HP5 which i love working with for mixed lighting (street) and either FP4 for the formal shots or something a bit finer grained like PanF for the Mamiya.

Any throughts Guys?
Would the Canonet be the best all rounder, or the Praktica? or should I risk my favorite (Zorki) and just be super careful with the loading (keep a film change bag in the car) and enjoy the head turns?
I will probably only shoot one roll, though over 7.5hrs the street photographer in me is going to be itching to shoot more...

Look forwards to all throughts and comments.
P.s I do have more cameras to choose from... perhaps my Ensign Folder...!