G'day UK folks. Hopefully one of you can help me ? I have an old Gnome Universal Alpha very similar to this one.

When I got the enlarger I was told it was complete. Well after reading posts here I discovered it was missing a condenser. Over the Christmas period by a stroke of luck I found one on Ebay & cheap from a UK seller.

I would like to find the condensers for 120 format. The condensers I have are only capable for 35mm but my negative carrier will take up to 2 1/4 X 3 1/4.

I contacted the seller mentioned above but he has never responded. I would even be interested in other parts that fit this model Gnome. My particular unit has had some work modifying it to take a 39mm mount lens & new bellows.

Some might say why bother with such an old bit of kit. Well for me it makes photography more fun & exciting. Having to fiddle & fidget with knobs to obtain proper adjustment. Old world factor also.

Cheers Scott