Hi, I would really appreciate opinions on pricing of a Jobo CPE 2, which I have just won in an auction on ebay. The price shot to my top bid in the last 10 seconds, at GBP 180. The kit is used but includes a Minilux LED colour light and a couple of thermometers. I saw on the Tim Parkin video that he had paid 150 for his. The seller has a rating of 2, and the other bid came from a bidder who has no history at all. It seems I was shill bidded by a snipe bid. Is this feasible? As a general rule, I believe if you don't know who the loser is, you're the loser...do people think I have overpaid for this. Item number is 200426706130 on ebay.co.uk. Many thanks, I am due to pick this up this weekend.