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Hi there, I'm with you on this one TRR. Having just spent too much time in front of the computer, I've dug out my film bodies and moved away from digital. My set up is two F6's and an F5. The F5 has 160iso C-41 for outside, the F6's have 400iso / 800iso C41 and B&W for inside / reception. All goes off to the lab and I get my life back! I got the F6's because I like m/f and the F5 loses a lot of its metering superiority with non-chipped lenses. However have started using the C/V lenses with it and now of course there are the ZF.2's as well....
Thanks for the reply. How do you like the f5? I've got an opportunity to pick one up at a nice price. I'm mostly using current gen Nikon lenses (14-24, 24-70, 70-200, 50G) and my understanding is that everything will play nice. Will I miss anything that I'm greatly used to on the f5? Is the f6 really worth the extra cost compared to the f5 or f100?

Are those of you that shooting weddings find that you use mostly B/W for interior work? Are there good color high-ISO films or is it better to stay monochrome? I've been so used to being able to go up to 6400 if I want that I'm trying to mentally reframe how this will work.

I've been told that Richard Photo Lab in CA does great developing and can provide high-res scans. Has anyone used them? If so, are the high-res scans holding up to decent printing sizes? For me that would be between 10 and 30 inches?

Again, many thanks

- trr