Everyone is going to have a different view on what is good. First clue although not always accurate, is what it cost new. The Beseler 45 is without a doubt, the best enlarger of the lot. Most of the lens are so so, perhaps the a Schneider-Kreuzauch Componon 135/5.6 is the best. I would keep all the lens, except the Omegar 50, until I found a need and budget to upgrade them.

Worth? Low to nothing, depending on where you live. In large metro areas in the US, quality equipment is either being given away, or sold for almost nothing.

You might keep the Durst with color head to see if you want to do color. If you do, then you may want to get a color head for the Beseler 45.

Overall, you got a good deal but its a crap shoot whether you can sell any for a profit. Good Luck