I have a Zone VI cold light with the Zone VI stabilizer. It was my father's and has set around unused since the 80's. It was not used often then. I now have them set up on his Beseler enlarger and suspect there is a problem. I have all the original instructions and Zone VI newsletters discussing it and have a fair idea of the principle. I believe it is all hooked up right. However, it will never stabilize higher than half way between steps C and D. It will not stabilize at all unless I leave the heater and the light both on for 15 or 20 minutes. After being used for a couple of hours, it still won't stabilize higher than between C and D.

I cannot tell that there is any increase in lamp intensity from step C on up. I exposed a test strip for 3 seconds every other step (D, F, H, J, L). I see no difference in tone between any of them.


a. everything doing what it is supposed to?

b. nothing working right?

c. there an incoming voltage issue?

e. a lamp problem?

f. a stabilizer problem?

What can I possibly do to check it out? I am not into electronics other than flipping a switch to turn on a light. However, I do have a simple volt meter.