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In reading all the responses, its seems no one is complaining that there is anything wrong with Black being black, just that it is hard to do for some. My interpretation, which may be different from others, is that for some, they just cannot make it black, for whatever reason. For others, they don’t think it’s really needed and are unaware of it being any problem, but have not tested.
I have tested my safelights years ago but not to the extent that is now recomened, although I plan to test them again.
I have always accepted that if the darkroom is black and I cannot see any light no matter how long I wait, I have total darkness, or real black. Do those who know, as I do that total black is the standard, do I need to further test, to confirm what my eyes cannot see after extended times?
In regard for your safe-lights being safe for the paper you are using, yes. It isn't that hard, when I bring a new paper into the darkroom, I simply run a test at the beginning of a printing session. A very brief flash with the enlarger sans neg, and than 6 minutes with an opaque object on the paper, then process and fix. If there is no outline from the object, I'm good to go. The preflash method is a better test than just setting out a paper with something on it and looking for an outline on white.