At the moment I'm without a darkroom but give me six months and hopefully that will change. I have in the past used standard Beers B&W developer (+thiosulphate I think) and exposure adjustment as a way of tweaking contrast and it worked quite well. The fix was standard rapid fix. The bleach used was the P3 bleach which I used to be able to buy separately (albeit as three 2 litre bottles). The bleach step went to completion so wasn't significantly fussy about time so long as you gave it enough. I'm no longer sure about the availability of the separate bleach component plus it was hideously expensive here although the paper was still the main cost. If I'd have to buy the kits just to get the bleach (although I'd also use the fix) I'd certainly be interested in a home brew alternative. I have some old paper in the freezer but as mentioned I'll not be able to do anything for about six months by which time hopefully the new house will be finished and I'll have had a chance to put together the darkroom.