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I vote for the F3HP. But then you should know what you want.
Well, actually the whole point of my starting this thread was because I'm trying to sort out which one I should get. Y'all have helped with your advice, and I really appreciate reading about your experiences because this is the sort of info that's valuable. But I think that what I should probably do is prioritize things, and ask myself which of the features I could use the most now. I keep coming back to the F3, and I think it's mostly because I used to own one and was happy with the results it gave, whereas I've only had the chance to use an FE2 briefly. But should familiarity be reason enough for me to choose an F3 over an FE2? Arrgggghhh!

I suspect what will happen is I'll end up buying the one I can find the best deal on. :rolleyes: