If you've $250 to spend, head on over to KEH and choose both a BGN grade F3HP and a BGN grade FE2. The main issue I have with the F3 is not the flash synch (I have two other bodies with just as slow a synch, that being my F and my F2A), but the FA-style meter readout, where, you have either "+", "-", or "-+". I'm used to fiddling around with it a bit, so it's no big deal now, but, I do feel much happier when I grab one of the 'mats, my F, or my F2A. I can instantly see how far off I am. That said, I still shoot with my F3P. Even though it needs an overhaul, due to the higher shutter speeds being erratic. I'm just using slower film and stopping the lenses down. May swap the K64 (yes, shooting it, going to do Xpro with it) into it from the F and put the Super HQ 200 into the F, that way, I have a better match.