Hello All,

Just a small update here on the shops that will be offered this year. We will be once again offering the Wet Plate Collodion, Gum Over Platinum as well as negative creation. New for this year will be a workshop in the Polymer Gravure Process as well as an in-depth, intensive workshop in methods best not discussed here led by Bob carnie and the good folks at Elevator who are once again coming from Toronto. We are also hoping to have a shop in the lith printing process, but that will depend upon a facility where this can be done. Although we are set for alt processes, an actual teaching darkroom with enlargers still eludes us. If we can arrange this, it will most likely have to be off-site. Plans are still being considered to build at least a temporary teaching darkroom in the basement of the Birchwood to house this, but it is not known if this will be ready by June.

Discussions are also ongoing to secure several people for portfolio reviews as well. This was very popular last year with Shelby and it is hoped we can have at least a couple experienced people here this year to take appointments.

Look soon for a formal post in the Great Lakes Regional Forum that formally announces the event and the open of registrations and reservations for the workshops. As for the workshops, I am already getting a lot of people wanting to reserve space ahead of time. While I appreciate and am grateful for the interest, in an effort to be fair I ask that everyone wait until registrations are open. Placement will then be on a first come basis with alternate lists if needed. Most shops will again be 2 day affairs and more will be added if the demand is there.

That's all for now folks. From this cold Michigan perspective, June can't come fast enough. Think summer!