Looking at the posts above, the answer is apparent: you have to keep all the enlargers. But you do say you want to sell what you don't need.

You don't say where you're located but assume that all will be very difficult to sell (that's why you got them so cheap - a great deal by the way). You also don't say what carriers came with each enlarger; that could impact the decision.

The Beseler 45 is the most versatile and (I think) most salable. It's the one I'd keep but, if space is an issue or you want to free up some cash, it's one you may want to sell. The Durst is 35mm only (I think) so doesn't give you the option of medium format. The Omega is a basic enlarger.

So my first choice to keep would be the Beseler 45, followed by the Beseler 67cp.

As to lenses, sell the Componon 135 IF you don't plan to do 4x5. Keep the Componar and Omegaron - they aren't bad and you can upgrade when you feel the need. You're covered for both 35mm and medium format. If the El Omegar has the jamb nut, that jamb nut is worth more than the lens.

The Durst TRA 305 is, I believe, a transformer used to power the Durst enlarger. It provides constant voltage for the color head.