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I matted with a very light cool gray for a while. I then had to put up a few prints on a warm colored wall, and was pretty much taken aback by how bad it looked.

Just sayin', consider the coolness/warmth of the background in not using a pure white matte. I now use a pure, bright white matte exclusively.
Good point -- one has to consider under what conditions a print will be hung (if possible). Color prints (and toned B&W) should be printed with consideration of the type/color of lights they will be eventually be shown under -- not always possible, of course.

With colored mats to match the color of the image, one would also have to consider how two images with different colored mats will look hanging together. The color of the mats becomes important (for the better or the worse) when sequencing work in a portfolio or on the walls.

Even with all white mats in a portfolio or on the wall, one needs to be mindful of the effect of different color of whites. One or two prints with natural white might be visually jarring in a show of all bright white...no much how better the image might look on the off-white.