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Do you have chilled microbolometers with 1-photon sensitivity to ensure absolute darkness?
Umm... it was a tongue-in-cheek paraphrased quote from a Star Wars movie. That's why I included a ' '. Just trying to "lighten" things up a bit in this discussion. Perhaps you missed the part above that about waking up "inside your grave with proof there is no God...?"

But since you broach the subject, yes... I think darkness (defined as the absence of light) can be considered a mutually-exclusive, binary state - as Yoda was paraphrased. Either there is at least one single stray photon, in which case you would be standing in a (very, very) DIMroom. Or there is not, in which case you would be standing in a DARKroom. At least as regards those particular photons that are of concern to your particular light-sensitive materials.

The degree of DIMness thus required is therefore left as an exercise for the reader, each standing in their respective rooms, and with their respective light-sensitive materials out in the open and in harm's way.