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Interesting about the color fidelity - but
I assumed he was testing for speed with my post.
I think my response was more directed at the OP. He
mentioned panchromatic and color.

Due to the high level of blue light outdoors and films' high
sensitivity to blue, there will be an over density in the
negative. The film may be called panchromatic but
it is over sensitive at the blue end.

The Delta 3200 response curve specifies 2850K. There
are some other curves, ie Pan F, with near exact same
shape but do not specify. I think most pan films have
near same "speed" from the deep blue well into the
red at some tungsten kelvin. Note that the blue
density is in line with the green and red even
though we know tungsten to be very weak
at that end of the spectrum.

If I'd taken my own present advice years ago, I'd have
an easier time printing clouds; the yellow filter. As for
the OP, I'd suggest a 3400K source. Dan