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You miss the point I think. The OP isn't talking about playing music on an external source that he can physically hear (as can anyone else who is close enough). He's talking about music that comes unbidden into his head (that only he can hear) usually as a reaction to what he sees.

While this isn't exactly rare, it's also not exactly common. So if you don't hear music when you are photographing, you are probably in the majority.

So maybe this thread ain't about you. That's not a bad thing. It's just a thing.
He didn't mean that? OHHHHHHHH
external source? physically hear? And people nearby would also be able to physically hear an external sound producing machine that he
God, dude

Seriously, though
I think you've missed it.
Unbidden? really? That's more of a mental issue and if not than it would be quite rare -IMO ..to the point of making a thread about it on apug.org would be known by the poster to be near useless

This is not some case of some guy seeing numbers as colors this is this guy associating a piece of music/type of with a certain ..condition or whatever
Rain in this instance
I listened to this composers music and found it instantaneously "reminiscent of raindrops"

it's not anything special

this guy doesn't say he hears music when photographing, either
He says music "inspires" him to photograph
but really all I think hes saying is that music invigorates him to do things he enjoys doing

it does everyone, i think

it's just energy combined with memory mixed together with favorite pastimes