Thank you for your responses guys, starting to get some ideas... maybe fp4 with a fast lens for the 35mm stuff and panf for the out door medium format stuff.
For the 35mm format stuff, i'm only going to use one lens. Which would you guys suggest ...? my canonet Ql17 only comes with a fixed fairly wide lens (40mm f1.7), otherwise the Zorki comes with a 35 (f2.8) due to design this has very little distortion edge to edge or 50mm (f2), my Praktica comes with 28mm (f2.8) 50mm (1.8) I also have a (something like) 35-70mm zoom but its crap and a longer 70-210mm (f4.5-5.6) which is good quality but to slow me thinks. I'm leaning towards the canonet more and more, however I do have an old canon RM with a sharp 50mm (f1.8) built like a brick s**t house thats good fun to use as well.
If I take the Mamiya I'll use its 100mm (f3.5) lens and a 6x9back.

Hope the extra info helps!
Cheers, Dan